Who is Samuel Spencer?

By day, just an average guy working inside an above-average bureaucracy. But by night, I’m a lone coder, an occasional photographer (when I get the chance) and a wanna be author.

Mostly my interests lie in creating mashups for Australian Government competitions, and open statistical and geographic data and metadata languages, which is fortunate given my current job.

I am now fortunate enough to be considered qualified to do my job as I’m finally a university graduate from the University of Western Australia, with a Bachelor of Computer and Mathematic Science majors in Applied Statistics and Web Technology!

Who is Theodore Therone?

Theodore Therone is an alias I chose many years ago when I first started getting on the internet. The name comes from the name I gave to the second hard drive I ever bought – “The Other One”. Windows 3.1 could only handle 11 upper case characters for a drive name, and this became “THEOTHERONE” A friend of mine saw it and asked “Who is Theo Therone?” and the alias stuck. I used to use it to hide my real name from the internet, but now days privacy is over rated and the identities Theodore Therone and Samuel Spencer now resolve to the same person.

Who is LegoStormtroopr?

When my Theodore Therone alias got perma-banned from a forum, I needed a new alias. I was big into Star Wars Lego at the the time and just joined Twitter which had a 15 character limit. It was the early 2000’s and everyone was dropping vowels on names so I did too.

Hence, @LegoStormtroopr.

More than a few people know me by this now, across a number of platforms, and I’ve been introduced at professional conferences as “the lego storm guy on twitter”, so it stuck.