Last night I had the strange idea to do something new and different and weird – so I went to the Canberra Poetry Slam at the Front Gallery and Cafe. And different it was… drinking white wine and listening to poets rant about Manuka, NewActon and cats made of butter was a unique experience. And one I look forward to repeating again next month.

But the most stunning thing, was deciding on the night to write and deliver a poem to a crowd of strangers. So, I pulled together some courage and wrote a poem, that astoundingly won!

So I present my winning poem, Fibonacci me:



I am.

I like you.

But I’m not like you.

English isn’t my first language.

From my first breath I counted nearly everything.

Artistic desires replaced by an incessant need for math.

And now today, line 9 of a Fibonacci poem, soul bared in a crowd of strangers, sharing my sick desire for mathematics.

I read close to last, and was invited to read again after I won my prize (2 tickets to the awesome Palace Electric Cinema). Afterwards there were drinks and intelligent conversation and received probably the coolest compliment about being I got was a comparison to Fight Club, being that the guy didn’t get it until the end, and then understood from the beginning on the second time.

The moral of the story, get out of your shell, the worst that could happen is you’ll win a Slam Poetry contest!